Rotary Woofer

Local Attraction Installation

Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House

This year we requested the opportunity to volunteer a Rotary Woofer installation in a local haunted house. The operator of “The Terror of Tallahassee” gladly accepted our proposal to study a theme park type rotary woofer application. This particular operation creates an eerie presence in one of the hallways, consisting of shaking the doors and walls at audio frequencies. Details of the installation and the earth shaking performance we created will be posted here as we collect photos and information.

Photo of the blue hallway which houses the rotary woofer installation

As the tour rounds this corner, a motion sensor activates the lighting and the rotary woofer audio content begins to play.

Click the above image for a short movie of the exhibit in operation.

As the audio track begins playing, the doors and walls rattle viciously. Click the above image to view a movie.

View of the rotary woofer installed in the baffle from the enclosure side of the exhibit. This side is isolated from the attendees.

View of the electronics used to play the audio content as well as control the rotary woofer.

Another view from the backside of the baffle showing the electronics and installed rotary woofer.