Eminent Technology Sound Source Research and Development

With the advent of the rotary woofer transducer Eminent Technology has developed a number of special acoustic sound sources for commerical recordings, sound tracks, research and development, theme park, electronic music, threshold studies, infrasound research and scientific applications.

Many of these incorporated our rotary woofer transducer technology and some of these are optimized for the infrasound frequency range below 20Hz. The technology we offer is unique for its high efficiency and high amplitude very low frequency sound output. Some installations are permanent and some are portable infrasound sources developed for outdoor use in research projects..

We have demonstrated long range sound projection capability at very low frequencies. The applications include sound track special effects, aircraft emulation, pipe organs, explosive detonations, earthquakes, volcanos, infrasound ranging, bird behavior, acoustic shock and vibration.

If you have a special sound source application Eminent Technology has in house R&D capability that might be able meet your needs. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Some of our sound source customers: Applied Research Associates, Boeing, Darpa, University of Hawaii, University of Manitoba, Nasa, Nasa Langley, NOAA, Penn State University, Technology International Inc. of Virginia, Technifex and SAIC.

contact: info@eminent-tech.com

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