A few months after traveling to South Africa, the BBC flew to Florida to film another segment of their documentary. They wanted to investigate an alligator mating ritual known as a "water dance" which seems to be used to send infrasound through water. Often a male alligator performing the water dance will provoke other male alligators into trying to compete.

A photo of the crew standing next to the lake full of alligators.

Our first attempt at provoking the water dance from the alligators was with a remote controlled boat carrying four six inch cone woofers submerged in water.

Here's a top view of the test boat being pushed into the lake.

The BBC presenter Helen Czerski controlling the boat. Next to her is Eric Flament from Eminent Technology, Colin Hart (a local sound recordist measuring the sound output of the boat), and Nick Allinson the BBC's sound tech.

After a few hours of trying to provoke the alligators we had no results. Luckily we brought the equipment for a second method of attack. The next morning, we gathered by the lake for another test.

Two TRW-17s inside two twelve foot Sonotubes. The director, Sam Hodgson is filming the presenter as she explains the giant speaker.

The TRW tubes were successful. Here is footage from the documentary of the water dance.

Before performing the water dance, the alligator holds itself high out of the water.

The water dance is accompanied by a low, rumbling bellow from the alligator.

The team standing in front of the speaker. From left to right: Sam Hodges (director), Nick Allinson (Sound), Helen Czerski (Presenter), Bruce Thigpen (Eminent), Janelle and Eric Flament (Eminent), Pete Hayns (Cameraman), Amanda McFall (Production Coordinator), Kat O'Dwyer (researcher, not shown)

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